A class environment is not suitable for every dog or even every owner. We offer bespoke 1-2-1 training tailored to what you and your dog both want and need.

This can be a new dog into the home, a rescue dog, a puppy, adolescent or an established dog.

Behaviour consultations

For the more complex issues we offer behaviour consultations, during these sessions, we obtain a full history, discuss your requirements at length, and support you with a tailored training programme to improve on issues highlighted. We offer full telephone/email support between the consultation and follow up sessions.

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

  • Teaching dogs desirable behaviours using SCIENCE-base and REWARD-based methods.
  • Helping dogs learn and succeed step by step.
  • Motivating dogs with fun exercises and games. No force! No pain!
  • Encouraging dogs to think more for themselves.
  • Valuing dogs’ voluntary behaviours.
  • Understanding dogs’ feelings from their body language.
  • Understanding how dogs learn, their needs and wants.
  • Using methods that work humanely with any dog. Big dogs, small dogs, puppies, senior dogs, disabled dogs, fearful dogs, reactive dogs… can all learn and have fun!
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